Micro-greens are tasty little plants that are packed with flavor and nutrients. They're easy to grow (in any climate) and can be used in salads, soups, and sandwiches. Flavors range from mild to intense to crunchy. 

Micro greens are grown from the same seeds we use for planting vegtables in our gardens. The difference is micro-greens are harvested 7-14 days after planting when they're only 1-3" tall.

At this stage these tiny little plants are packed with all the health benefits of full grown plants - making them a powerhouse of nutrition and flavor.

Easy to Grow

Microgreens are some of the easiest plants to grow at home. Simply plant the seeds and watch them grow. Any suny windowsill will do.

Micro greens are perfect for people who don't have the time or space for a garden. They can be grown indoors in a sunny window, outdoors on a balcony or covered porch, or in your kitchen under grow lights. And with our system you can grow an incredible number of plants in a small space. 

Hydroponic Advantage

Normally micro greens are grown in a soil mix designed for germinating seeds. Soil is messy to work with and watering these tender, young plants can be a real guessing game. 

If the soil is too wet they rot at the base and fall over (called damping off). Too dry and they shrivel up and die.

We've made growing micro greens cleaner and easier by replacing the soil with a unquie "Grow Mat" made from 100% natural jute fiber. Our Grow Mats control the water around the seeds, creating a clean and green growing area that's perfect for seed germination. All you have to do is keep the mat moist and it will take care of everything else.

100% Natural Jute Fiber Grow Mat

How To Grow

Supplies you'll need:

  1. seeds - preferably organic 
  2. watertight grower tray
  3. grow mats
  4. labels to mark date and type of planting 

The miracle of seeds -  every seed contains all the food and energy it needs to burst out of its shell and grow its first leaves. Just add water.

Start with a clean, water tight tray.

Our Grow Mats are designed to fit a 22" x 11" Grower Tray. If your tray is a different size simply cut the mat with a scissors to fit the tray.

Water Grow Mat thoroughly with plain water until pad is floating in about 1/2" of water. No nutrients or rooting solution necessary.

Let mat sit in water until saturated - several hours or overnight.

Get ready for planting by pouring out excess water at the sink. Grow mat should be moist - but not standing in water. 

Spread seeds evenly over mat.

Gently press seeds into mat.

Seeds will sprout in 10-14 days. Harvest when plant has grown 2-3 leaves. This is when micro greens have best flavor. Wait too long and plants turn bitter to taste.

Roots of mature micro-greens growing in our Grow Mats. Healthy roots mean robust plants.

Notice how clean growing without soil can be.

Cover with paper towel.

Leave paper towel over seeds until they sprout. 

Be sure to label what you've planted. When combining different varieites in same tray make sure they germinate at the same time because seeds tend to stick to the paper towel if theyre not rooted in.


When the first 2 leaves appear it's time to harvest. This can be 7-21 days after planting.

Harvest by gently pulling plants out of grow mat.

Radish micro-green with roots attached. Roots are flavorful and full of nutrition too! 

wash at sink

storing micro greens

Tips for Growing from Seeds

always read the package before planting

8 Micro Greens that are easy to grow for beginners







Sowing Seeds at the ‘Wrong’ Time

  • Some seeds need light to germinate; others need darkness.
  • Larger seeds like peas and beans should be pre-soaked to soften the outer hard seed coatingbefore sowing. It’s kind of like ‘undressing’ them before you put them to bed! Not all seeds are treated the same.
  • sow seeds at the right time.

growing mold

  • Increase air circulation by putting in a breezy area or using a fan.
  • Sow fewer seeds – about half what you would normally use/tray
  • don't over water - mat should be moist - not floating in water .