Growing with Hydroponics

Micro-greens are tasty little plants that are packed with flavor and nutrients. They're easy to grow (in any climate) and can be used in salads, soups, and sandwiches. Flavors range from mild to intense to crunchy. 

Micro greens are simply miniature versions of the same plants we grow in our gardens. The difference is micro-greens are harvested 7-14 days after planting when they're only 1-3" tall.

At this stage these tiny little plants are packed with all the health benefits of full grown plants - making them a powerhouse of nutrition and flavor.

Why You Should Be Growing Micro-Greens

1. They're Easy to Grow

Microgreens are some of the easiest plants to grow at home. Simply plant the seeds and watch them grow! Any sunny windowsill will do.

2. No Special Tools Needed

Micro greens are perfect for people who don't have the time or space for a garden. They can be grown indoors in a sunny window, outdoors on a balcony or covered porch, or in your kitchen under grow lights.

And with our system you can grow an incredible number of plants in a small space. 

3. Hydroponics Makes Growing Clean and Easy

Micro greens are usually grown in soil designed for germinating seeds. This can be messy to work. 

Watering these tender, young plants in soil can be a real guessing game. If the soil is too wet they rot at the base and fall over (called damping off). Too dry and they shrivel up and die.and 

We've made growing micro greens cleaner and easier by replacing all that messy soil with a unique "Grow Mat" made from 100% natural jute fiber. 

Our Grow Mats control the water around the seeds, creating a clean and green growing area that's perfect for seeds to sprout. All you have to do is keep the mat moist and it will take care of everything else.

The miracle of seeds -  every seed contains all the food and energy it needs to burst out of its shell and grow its first leaves. Just add water.

8 Micro Greens That are Easy to Grow 

always read the package before planting









Some seeds prefer darkness to germinate - others need light.

read the package

Larger seeds loke peas and beans should be presoaked to soften hard outer seed coating

growing mold

  • Increase air circulation by putting in a breezy area or using a fan.
  • Sow fewer seeds – about half what you would normally use/tray
  • don't over water - mat should be moist - not floating in water .

How to Grow and Harvest Micro Greens