Plant Care Basics

It always starts out the same way. Those big, beautiful, exotic leaves where irresitable. So you purchased the plant, brought it home, followed the instructions, gave it tender loving care ....

and it died anyway.

Hi, I'm Jeree Harms - The Hydroponics Guy - and I've been growing and caring for tropical plants in our Hydroponic System for 20 years. I'm convinced that our system is the biggest advance in growing indoor plants in many years. 

Over the years I've had hundreds of conversations with enthusiastic growers who have had a great deal of success with our system. From those conversations, I learned a lot about what it takes to grow big, beautiful, indoor plants.

It always comes back to 4 basic principles that (successful) growers follow. They're not difficult but they're overlooked by most hobbyists. Combine these proven methods with our Hydroponic System and you'll be amazed at what you can do!

So before we look at what Mother Nature requires for growing plants, take a couple of minutes for ......

The 4 Principles of Successful Growing.

1. Understand your growing conditions

Where are your plants growing? Evaluate the conditions where your plants live. These areas are called micro-climates. Micro-climates are probably hotter, or colder, or sunnier, or darker than the rest of the room. Take the time to understand the conditions in the micro-climate where your plants are living. You might be surprised(!).

2. Choose plants that match your growing conditions

After evaluating the micro-climate where your plant(s) live, choose plants that will adapt to the conditions you have. If the plant you select can't adapt to it's new environmment you'll never be successful.

4. Learn Plant Names

Sooner or later you're going to have to confront those tongue twisting plant names. How can we talk about these amazing plants if we don't know their names? 

And why are those names so complicated?

Nature has blessed us with thousands of plants! Organizing all these plants requires a complex naming structure. To make things even more interesting, plant names are in Latin, the international langauge of identification. Don't worry - you won't have to learn them all! There are only 7-8 families of plants that are suitable for indoor growing.

Wherever possible I include both the common name and botanical name throughout the website. Some plants have several common names so they might not be entirely accurate.

I just don't think you'll ever be successful without them. Okay, let's move on.

Indoor plants depend on you to give them what they need to live and grow. You don't have to be Mother Nature - just understand the basics of Light, Water, and Temperature. Even with the advanced growing techniques of our hydroponic system, you still need to understand the basics of how nature works.

Plant care isn't complicated ...... if you know what to do.

Plant Care- Light

Plant Care -Water

Plant Care- Temperature