Growing Houseplants with Hydroponics
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How Does Hydroponics for Indoor Plants work?

Our hydroponic system is a new and exciting way to grow indoor plants. Special clay pebbles replace all potting media. They're cleaner and you get less root decay. 

A water gauge tells you when to water - no more over watering! When you water your plants you're actually filling a reservoir at the bottom of the pot. Then, as you go about your busy life, those special clay pebbles (called LECA) pull the nutrient solution up to the plant gently and evenly. Learn more at Why Hydroponics?

What are LECA pebbles made of?

LECA stands for Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate.

LECA pebbles are made by heating small clay pellets to 2600F. At these temperatures the clay expands, developing tiny air spaces at the core and an extremely hard outer shell, creating a media that's ideal for growing plants. Learn more at LECA pebbles.

Your plants will benefit in many ways with LECA.

What is the difference between LECA pebbles and ordinary gravel? 

The unique capillary properties LECA pebbles "wick" the nutrient solution up to the plant's roots gently and evenly. No other material has these properties - including lava rock. Learn more at LECA pebbles.

How often should I water?

This varies with light, temperature, and of course the type of plant. (We provide instructions for all types of plants.) Most plants need watering once every 2-3 weeks. 
With ordinary houseplants, when to water" can be a real guessing game. Is it too wet, or too dry? With our system a water gauge tells you when to water and how much to water! What could be easier!

Won't my plants be too wet with Hydroponics?

Your plants should not be standing in water all the time. The system needs to dry out completely between waterings. This allows maximum air flow through the root system. The water gauge in the system tells you when to water (or when not to water).

What about nutrients? 

Just add nutrients to the water solution. The capillary properties of the LECA pebbles "wicks" the nutrients up to the plant safely and evenly. That's what hydroponics is all about - delivering the nutrients directly to the plant without the soil getting in the way. 

Can I transplant my plants into Hydroponics?

Yes. With a little TLC almost any plant can be converted to our hydroponic system. Keep in mind that transferring plants to hydroponics forces the plant to convert its soil roots to water roots. This can be stressful for some plants. Go to Repotting Houseplants into Hydroponics to learn more.

Our easy to use Hydroponic System could be the biggest advance in plant care in years! Your plants will practically take care of themselves! 

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Why Hydroponics?