Why Hydroponics - 
Growing Amaryllis

If you travel - or have a busy schedule (who doesn't this time of year!) - you'll benefit by growing your Amaryllis in our hydroponic system.

Enjoy a clean and green growing environment - with watering once every 2-3 weeks!

With Hydroponics these Plants Almost Take Care of Themselves!

Amaryllis bulbs can't tolerate wet feet because the bulb holds moisture and will deteriorate quickly if kept too wet.

Watering can be a real guessing game and over watering is a common problem.  

Watering is never a problem with our hydroponic system!

  • LECA pebbles replace soil
  • Water Gauge tells you when to water

To grow strong roots, Amaryllis need an even balance of air and water at the root zone. That's easy because we replace the soil with unique LECA pebbles. As the pebbles deliver moisture to the plant, air moves freely between the pebbles creating a perfect environment for root growth.

LECA pebbles

And, a water gauge tells you how much to water!  Simply water to 1/4 on gauge   .  .  .  .  

Water gauge tells you when and how much to water. What could be easier!

Then, as you go about your busy schedule, the LECA pebbles wick the moisture up to the plant gently and evenly. All you have to do is add water to the reservoir when it's dry - and that's once every 2-3 weeks!

Growing strong, healthy roots is easy with hydroponics!

Checking the roots.

Healthy roots mean stronger plants with bigger, brighter blooms!

This year grow your Amaryllis with hydroponics and you'll see the difference!

Amaryllis - How to Plant in Hydroponics