How To Get Your Amaryllis to Rebloom

Did you know that Amaryllis blooms can be repeated year after year?

By following a few simple steps you can get your Amaryllis to rebloom every year - with even more blossoms!

And the good news is - it's easy!

Most Amaryllis usually bloom for 4-6 weeks - sometimes longer when kept in cool temperatures.

But sooner or later they will start looking like this.

Saving the bulbs and getting them to rebloom again next year isn't difficult.

3 Steps to Reblooming Amaryllis

Before we start preparing for another season of blooms, we have to get through the rest of winter. For now, we're just keeping the plant alive until summer - when the real growing starts.

Let's start by cutting flower spike back to the base of plant. Don't remove any leaves though.

Then, put plant in a sunny window.

Water sparingly with plain water - no fertilizer. (When water gauge moves - stop! Wait until system is completely dry before rewatering)

Don't worry about floppy leaves. Remove them when they turn brown and crispy though. 

(If you live in a warm climate you can move your plant outdoors now. Only and hour or two of sun though.)

Step 1. The Summer Growing Season

The summer growing season is when the plant starts putting energy into the bulb to bloom again.

After the last frost move plant outdoors.

The setup for this is simple. In fact it's the same setup we use for growing orchids outdoors with our hydroponic system.

Lift plant from outer pot
Trim a plastic saucer to about 1" deep


Position saucer under grow pot
Set inside of outer pot (I use terracotta pots for stability in outdoor weather)

Water once a week - or so - with 1/2 strength nutrients. No worries about over watering or too much rain (2 biggest problems at this stage) because excess will overflow the saucer and drain away.

New sturdy, dark green leaves should start to grow

Position plant so it gets a couple of hours of morning or afternoon sun

Step 2. Preparing for a New Bloom Cycle

Starting in Sept the leaves will turn brown and crispy. Your plant has stored up all the energy it needs in the bulb and now i's going to take a rest (go dormant).

Cut back on watering by removing saucer under grow pot and just wetting the pebbles once a week.

Before the first frost, cut off all the leaves and bring the plant indoors.

Take the bulb out of the pot and put it in a paper bag. Store in a cool, dark place (40 - 50 degrees) for 6-8 weeks. A garage or unheated basement is ideal. If you don't have either, the crisper drawer in fridge will work. 

(Do not store fruit in your refrigerator at the same time however. Many fruits, especially apples, release chemicals that can block your amaryllis from blooming again.)

Step 3. Get Ready for Blooms!

After 6 weeks of it's time to "wake up" your bulb.

Replant it in fresh pebbles. 

Move to a warm, sunny window. 

Ready for a new bloom cycle

Resume watering - no fertilizer though. The bulb has stored up all the energy it needs from summer growing.

See Growing Amaryllis with Hydroponics for details.

Get ready! In about 6 weeks the blooming cycle will start all over again with even more flowers than last year!

And when the blooms have faded you can start the process all over again for another year of magnificent blooms.