Repotting Houseplants to Hydroponics
Let's Transplant!

Removing the soil from a plant's roots the first time might be a little frightening. Don't worry, just follow our guidelines and you'll be successful.

1. Soak pebbles overnight in KLN Rooting Solution -  2 TBS KLN per gallon of water. KLN contains the vitamins to give the roots a boost while resistng disease. New transplants aren't ready for regular fertilizers. 

2. Using both hands, remove the plant from its pot. Be careful, don't damage the roots.

3. Supporting the plant with one hand, carefully tease apart the root ball. Remove as much soil as possible without tearing the roots. Trim away any damaged or decaying roots.

4. Wash roots thoroughly, removing all the soil. Be sure to remove all the soil.

5. Fill bottom of culture pot with pebbles.

6. Position plant in new pot. Correct planting depth is important. Plant hydroponic plants slightly deeper than soil plants for stability. Fill pot with pebbles. Tap down pebbles to make sure there are no air gaps.

7. Insert water gauge and snap into place.

8. Place new plant in outer container. Congratulations! You've just transplanted your first plant!

Choosing Plants and Pots for Transplanting

Plant Care After Transplanting

Coaxing Stubborn Plants to Convert

Tools for Transplanting

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