Growing Amazing Amaryllis is Easy with Hydroponics!

Our hydroponic system makes growing Amaryills fun and easy! 

It used to be that Amaryllis were mostly Christmas flowers with their red or white blooms. But with all the new colorful hybrids available today, they can be a flowering project that you can enjoy all winter!  

All you have to do is plant them in a pot, place in a sunny window, and water.  A bloom spike will emerge in about 10-14 days with flowers appearing in 4-6 weeks.

When will it bloom?

Amaryills Blooming Table
Blooming Dates
Nov 20 Dec 20 - Jan 1
Dec 1 Jan 7 - 28
Dec 15 Jan 19 - Feb 9
Jan 1 Feb 6 - 26
Jan 15 Feb 19 - Mar 12
Feb 1 March 8-29

Great Project for Kids!  Amaryllis are easy to plant and they're fast growers. They keep hobbiysts of any age interested because they add new growth almost every day - with impressive blooms in just 6-8 weeks! Our hydroponic system makes accurate watering fun and easy - it even has a water gauge that tells you when yto water!

Kids love it! 

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