Terraponic Growing
Repotting Christmas Cactus 

Christmas cactus are reliable bloomers that brighten any setting during the holidays.

Christmas cactus also love hydroponics!

Unfortunately their delicate roots damage easily when soil is removed, making them reluctant candidates for transferring to hydroonics. Smaller plants (4"-6" grow pots) transfer without incident, but larger plants can experience problems. 

Mature plants rely on complex root systems to deliver moisture to the plants leaves and stems. If these roots get damaged, the quickly becomes stressed and recovery can't be guaranteed. 

If your Christmas Cactus is more than 10" across terraponic growing might be best. See Terraponic Growing for details.

How to Transplant Christmas Cactus into a Terraponic System

1. We'll be using small plants for this demonstartion - but larger plants work too. 

2. Gently remove plant from its grow pot.

3. Notice hoe delicate the roots are.

3. Pot size is important. With hydroponics we recommend the same size (or even smaller) culture pot.

With terraponics we're moving the entire root ball so a larger culture pot is necessary.

4. Fill bottom of culture pot with LECA pebbles.

5. Insert plant - with soil roots intact - into culture pot.

6. Holding plant firmly - add pebbles around the root ball. Press down pebbles.

7. Make sure there is at least 1" of pebbles under the root ball. This lifts the soil roots above the reservoir.

8. Insert water gauge and put plan in outer pot.

9. Christmas Cactus growing in a terraponic system.