Why Hydroponics?

Because it's clean and easy! You'll get better results everytime - with less work! 

Herbs - basil growing in hydroponic planterFresh basil growing in a 5" Hydroponic Planter

Herbs get their aroma and flavor from the sun. More sun - more flavor!

The problem is - plants growing in sun demand close attention. They need watering every day because plants in the sun use a lot of water and at the same time the sun is baking the moisture out of the pot.

Dehydrated plants become stressed and stressed plants are magnets for insects. 

Miss a day and your plants suffer (and sometimes die).

It's heartbreaking to loose plants you've been nurturing for weeks just because you missed a day of watering!


Dehydrated herbs growing in soilGrowing plants in a sunny window can be a tricky business.

Growing Herbs with Hydroponics

No more wilting, stressed out plants with our system!

Our hydroponic planters have a reservoir that stores water that the plants can use as needed.

Hydroponic herbs - diagram of hydroponic system
Replaces other soil. Cleanier, easier to use. Less root decay.
Tells you when to water Eliminates overwatering.
Designed for maximum air flow at the roots.
Watertight Decorative Outer Pot holds nutrient solution for plant
Plants get everything they need for strong healthy growth. No fertilizer runoff or buildup.
Allergy Free People with allergies can grow plants for the first time! LECA pebbles are a sterile ceramic - no mold or bacteria.

Easy Watering

Water once every 1-2 weeks. No more daily watering. Our system holds enough water to last for up to 2 weeks!

Hydroponic Herbs - closeup of water gauge in hydroponic planter

A water gauge tells you when and how much to water. No green thumb required because with our system you'll get the watering right every time!

A decoratve outer pot holds the water while the LECA pebbles pull up nutrient solution to the plant safely and evenly. At the same time, openings between the pebbles promote maximum air circulation around the roots.

Get Rid of the Soil 

We replace the soil with unique clay pebbles (called LECA) that are a clean and easy to use.

Hydroponic Herbs - growing mediaLECA pebbles

LECA  stands for Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate. They're a man-made sterile ceramic that won't decompose or decay. But more importantly they have unique "capillary properties" that wick the nutrient solution up to the plant from the reservoir at the bottom of the pot. 

You don't need this anymore!

LECA pebbles provide the ideal mix of air and moisture to the roots. No more decomposing dirt, mold, or bacteria.

With LECA pebbles there's never any rot or decay and there's less repotting.

  . . . . .  more on LECA pebbles

Balanced Nutrition Means Healthy Plants

Healthy plants have a natural resistance to pests and disease. Just add a few drops of nutrients to the water and your plants will get everything they need for healthy growth - without the soil getting in the way!

You'll have fewer problems with insects with hydroponics!

Hydroponic Herbs - watering plants

Growing From Seeds

Planting into Hydroponic System

Tools for Growing Hydroponic Herbs