Propagating   . . . .                              Pothos Cuttings

Pothos is a popular indoor plant that grows in almost any type of light and it's easy to maintain, especially growing in hydroponics. Given the right conditions it can be a vigorous grower that produces long, cascading vines that can reach 10 ft or more.

Pothos plants at our nursery

Pothos are one of the easiest plants to propagate. Follow our guidelines and you'll be growing pothos like a pro!   

1. Cut vine from parent plant.

2. The most common approach is stuffing entire vine in a glass of water. This is not a good way to root new cuttings! Long vines need lots of energy to stay alive.

3. The professional approach to propagating new cutting is to cut the vine into sections. 

4. Look closely where the leaf joins the main vine. The bump you see is where new roots will sprout.

5.Using a sharp scissors, cut the vine on both sides where the leaf is attached. Leave a small section of the main vine attached to the leaf. 

6. It's imperative to get a piece of the main vine where the leaf is attached - without it nothing will grow.

7. New pothos cuttings. The part of the vine that was between the leaves will be discarded.

8. Gather cuttings and put them in water. Always harvest as many cuttings as possible. New plants look better when grown from a lot of cuttings (we plant 10-15 cuttings in a 4" culture pot and 15-20 cuttings in a 5" culture pot).

9. Place cuttings in a glass of water. Replace the water with fresh 1-2 times a week. Remove any decaying cuttings that aren't growing.

Place in warm spot away from hot sun.

10. It usually takes 3-4 weeks for new roots to appear. Wait until new roots are at least 1/2 in long before moving to a hydro planter.