Repotting Houseplants into Hydroponics -
African Violets


You can grow amazing African Violets and other Gesneriads

with our Hydroponic System!

The "wicking action" of the LECA pebbles creates the perfect balance of moisture and air at the root zone - which is key for developing strong roots in these plants. Strong roots make healthy plants that are easy to care for and produce big, bright, colorful blooms!

African violets don't like wet feet so always choose a hydroponic planter that's a little smaller than the existing grow pot. Big pots hold too much water and stay wet too long. Remember, roots need air as much as they need water to grow!

Our candidate for transplanting. Let's get started!

1. Soak LECA pebbles in KLN Rooting Solution (2-3 TBS per gallon of water) for several hours - or overnight.

2. Carefully remove plant from its pot. Notice how delicate the roots are. Handle gently.

Soaking plant overnight helps loosen the soil and makes soil wash easier.

3. Take plant to sink and rinse away all potting materials. Water temperature should be tepid - these plants don't like cold water! It's okay if the leaves get wet. The spotting you often see on the leaves comes from sunlight shining through water droplets. So avoid getting the leaves wet when the plant is exposed to sunlight.   

5. This is what the roots look like after the potting mix is removed.

6. Now is a good time to remove any soil that may have accumulated on the leaves. Use a soft brush with warm water. To avoid spots on leaves, allow time for leaves to dry before exposing to sunlight .

7. Fill bottom of culture pot with LECA pebbles that have been soaking in KLN Rooting Solution.

We use a 3" Hydro Planter for transferring most 4" plants. A smaller pot promotes a better wet/dry cycle. Large pots stay wet too long.

8. Position violet in center of pot and carefully fill with pebbles.

For stability, plant slightly deeper than soil. If your new transplant is wobbly it's probably too high. Dump out pebbles and start over, planting deeper.

9. Insert water gauge into culture pot and place put plant in outer pot.

Watering New Transplant

Overwatering is a common problem with new transplants. Remember, new roots need air as much as they need water to grow.

Watering new transplant

Watering African Violets Method #1.  Using the water gauge as a handle, lift plant (and culture pot) from outer pot and take it to the sink. Water by simply pouring KLN Rooting Solution through pebbles (you can use the KLN from soaking pebbles).

Return plant to outer pot with no standing water at the base. Repeat 1-2 times per week for 2-3 weeks. 

Watering African Violets Method #2. Using water gauge as a handle, lift plant (and culture pot) from outer pot. Pour about 1/2" of KLN Rooting Solution into outer pot. Return plant to outer pot. When plant has used up all the water repeat process. 

Good work! You're African Violet is now growing in hydroponics!

Plant Care After Repotting African Violets