Top 10 Plants for Cleaning the Air

To make our Top 10 List the plants had to be

  • 1.) efficient in removing toxins from the air and
  • 2.) easy to care for

  • Easy care is important because it takes a healthy plant to effectively remove toxins from the air. If your plants are struggling to stay alive, they won't be very good at cleaning the air. 


    Areca Palm

    Areca Palms are one of the most popular indoor palms. They're also rated as one of the best plants for cleaning the air. Unfortunately Areca Palms can be hard to grow. They don't tolerate low humidity and complain when they're too wet or too dry.

    The good news is Areca Palms are easy to grow with Hydroponics. A water gauge tells you when to water and our Hydroponic System adds humidity to the air. 

    Rhapis Palm

    Unlike Areca Palms, Rhapis Palms are one of the most durable indoor plants you will find. These plants are in a class by themselves! They tolerate low light, poor humidity, and general neglect. They tend to cost more because they're slow growers and take years to mature. Even so, they're a good value. They're high on our "Top 10 List" because you don't need a green thumb to grow these plants in our hydroponic system and they're one of the best plants for cleaning air!

    Bamboo Palm "Nani"

    This isn't your ordinary Bamboo Plam. As a new member palm family, Nani Palms strong and durable Grown exclusively in Hawaii, these palms are easy growers in our hydroponic system. Nani palms are one of our favorite plants because they adapt to most home or office environments with ease. Bamboo plams are also excellent air cleaners.


    Ficus are top preformers for cleaning the air but they can be hard to grow in soil because they shed leaves at the slightest inconvenience. They're an entirely different plant growing in our System beacuse Hydroponics means the plant has water roots instead of soil roots. This makes Ficus a much more durable plant and a proud member of our Top 10 List. Easy to grow and a good air cleaner.

    Dracaena Janet Craig

    Janet Craig is one of the hardest working indoor plants you will find. One of the most widely used plants by professionals because they're handsome plants that thrive in low light, low humidity, and little care. Growing in our System they need water only once every 2-3 weeks - great for people who travel. If you haven't had luck growing plants, this is a good one to start with in Hydroponics.

    Dracaena Warnecki

    As close relative to the Janet Craig, Dracaena Warnecki is another hard working indoor plant. Dark green leaves are accented with bright white stripes. They require very little care - in fact they thrive on neglect. Growing in hydroponics, they're an extremely durable plant that will grow into large trees. Water every 2-3 weeks. Easy to care for and an excellent air cleaner.


    No plant list would be complete without Golden Pothos. A low maintenance vine that requires little care and grows anywhere. Grow it as a vine cascading down from a hanging basket, train it to climb, or prune it to grow as a table plant. Pothos is good low light plant - but grows stronger in bright light. And it loves Hydroponics!

    Ficus Decora

    As a member of the Ficus family, Ficus Decora is a realtively fast grower that will mature into a tree. Much more tolerant then Ficus Benjamina, this plant will tolerate low humidity and uneven watering (still needs bright light however).

    Spider Plant

    This plant needs no introduction. Good looking hanging plant. The best plant for removing formaldahyde from the air.

    Red Emerald Philodendron

    No green thumb necessary when growing these plants in our System.

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