Growing Amaryllis -
How to Plant with Hydroponics

Start with bulbs that are firm and dry with no signs of mold or decay.

Step #1
Prepare for Planting

 - Soak bulb and pebbles in water for several hours (or over night) before planting.

 - Select a hydroponic planter that's between 1" and 2" larger than the bulb on all sides. 

Step #2
Planting Bulb in Hydro Planter

 - Fill bottom of pot with pebbles

 - Place bulb on top of pebbles and position so only the top of the bulb is exposed. With hydroponics, plant slightly deeper than soil for stability. 

 - Fill in around the bulb with remaining pebbles and pack down tightly. Bulb should be a snug fit and stable in the pot. If the bulb is wobbly, start over and 1) plant a little deeper or 2) move to a smaller grow pot.

 - Insert water gauge in culture pot and put plant in decorative container.

Step #3
When Will It Bloom?

 - Put plant in a sunny window where it gets at least 4-6 hrs of direct sun if possible.

 - Water sparing at first - only to 1/4 on gauge. After bulb "wakes up" and shows about 2" of growth on flower stalk, gradually increase water to 1/2 on gauge.  Always wait until system is completely dry between waterings. 

In 6-8 weeks you'll see flower buds appear at the top of each stalk, followed by a dramatic floral display.

Grower Tips:

1.  Careful - don't over water! For the first couple of waterings, use the water gauge as a handle and lift inner pot to check for moisture at bottom.  Don't rewater until bottom is dry. No fertilizer until flower spike appears. Then apply a "Bloom" formula at 1/2 strength every watering.

2.  Don't force them. Bloom stalk will start growing in 10-14 days.  Some bulbs take longer than others to get going.

As flower stalk matures, rotate plant frequently to encourage it to grow straight.

These two plants were planted at the same time!

3.  Cool temperatures prolong blooms. After the flowers start opening, move plant away from sun and display wherever it looks its best. Plant has stored up enough energy to complete the bloom cycle without sun.  

Growing Amaryllis - Why Hydroponics?