Herb Gardens
 - Tools for Growing with Hydroponics

Whether you're growing a couple plants on your windowsill or building a thriving garden under grow lights, we have the tools to do the job right.

1. Rockwool Grow Cubes

Rockwool grow cubesRockwool Grow Cubes

Rockwool is one of the best and most reliable media for growing seeds. Made from natural volcanic rock, it absorbs and holds water, drains easily, and allows for good air circulation around the roots.

With Rockwool Cubes, seeds get the mosture they need to grow and with the oxygen that prevents root decay.

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2. Grower Trays + Plastic Saucers

Grower Trays are excellent for holding the rockwool grow cubes. One Grower tray holds up to 48 Rockwool Grow Cubes.

Growerr trays for growing hydroponic herbsEasyGroHydro Grower Trays

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For smaller projects our clear plastic saucers can be used to hold grow cubes. 

Hydroponic herbs growing in rockwool cubesRockwool Grow Cubes in a plastic saucer

A 10" saucer holds (10) grow cubes and a 12" saucer holds (15) grow cubes.

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3. Heat Mat (optional)

Heat Mat for growing hydroponic herbsSeedling Heat Mat

Seeds require temperatures of at least 68 degrees to germinate. 

The best way to insure warm temperatures is growing on a Heat Mat. Heat Mats warm the root zone gently and evenly, insuring a good germination rate.  

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4. Hydroponic Planters

After seedlings sprout, simply move the cubes to Hydroponic Planters

to complete the growing process. 

Our hydro planters are complete growing systems. Includes culture pot, decorative outer pot, water gauge, and LECA pebbles. 

Hydroponic planters for growing hydroponic herbs

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