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Tools for Transplanting Success 

Your transplantng success will improve dramatically with these simple, easy to use tools.

Tools for Transplanting

1. Heat Mats

Growing new roots is job #1 for new transplants. Warm temperatures at the root zone promotes new roots to grow. Our Seedling Heat Mats create the perfect enviroment for new roots to grow.

Heat mats keep temperatures at the root zone in the 68-74 degree range - ideal for stimulating new root growth..

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Grower Tip: Never put new transplants on radiators or heat vents to warm the root zone. Radiators get too hot and the air that comes out of heat vents is extremely dry - which effects other parts of the plant. Heat Mats are the only way to raise the temperature at the roots. 

2. Humidity Trays

Maintaining adquate humdity at the leaves is also critical or transplanting success. 

Fill the tray with water. Humidity increases as the water in the tray evaporates.

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Grower Tip: Misting plants for added humidity doesn't do much. Unless you mist the leaves every 30 minutes - around the clock - misting has little effect on humidity. A better approach is using humidity trays.

3. Hi/Lo Thermometer

Stop guessing and start measuring! You're success rate will improve dramatically.

Our Hi/Lo thermometer records maximum and minium temperature and humidity levels.

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4. KLN Rooting Concentrate

KLN Concentrate is loaded with vitamins and hormones that promote vigorous root growth while resisting disease. Use KLN instead of fertilizer for the first 4-6 weeks.

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