Plant Care After Repotting into Hydroponics   . . .
African Violets

assorted african violetsAfrican violets love growing in hydroponics!

Sometimes African Violets need a little TLC after transplanting - but it's worth the effort.  

The key to repotting African Violets is:

  1. an even mix of air and moisture at the roots
  2. warm temperatures at the root zone

1. Even Mix of Air and Moisture at the Roots

African Voilets have delicate a root structure that doesn't hold water. That means they need a constant supply of moisture - but if you keep them too wet they will rot.

An even mix of water and air at the roots is the goal in the beginning. This requires some extra attention - but no worries - once they adapt watering will be easy. 

Watering for now -

  1. Use the water gauge as a handle and lift plant (and inner pot) out of the outer container.
  2. Take plant to sink and pour a KLN Solution through the pebbles (2 TBS per gallon of water). If you don't have KLN, simply runnig water through the pebbles do. 
  3. Return plant to outer pot with no standing water at the base.
  4. Repeat 1-2 times a week for 2-3 weeks.    

After this initial period your plant should be getting aclimated. Then start watering to 1/2 or "Opt" on the gauge. Then wait until the system is completely dry before rewatering. This should take about 2 weeks. (Use water gauge as a handle and lift plant to check the bottom of outer pot.)

If your plant isn't using up all its water in 2 weeks, dump out what's left and force a "dry period" for several days to get air into the roots. Then rewater to only 1/4 on gauge.

2. Warm Temperatures at the Root Zone

Windowsills are not the best place for new transplants because they get too cold at night - especially in winter. Kitchen counter tops work better. 

Heat mats are the #1 tool for successfully transferring any plant to hydroponics because they gently warm the root zone. 

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Once your plant adapts to its new home you'll be rewarded with healthy plants that produce bigger, brighter blooms - that last longer! 

Don't worry about older leaves tuning yellow after transplanting. Watch the new growth.

These plants are getting acclimated to the system. Remove old leaves and then watch your plant grow new, stronger leaves. You'll see the difference! 

New roots growing out the bottom of the culture pot of an established plant. When your plant reaches this point it will be strong and healthy and can tolerate uneven watering.

New roots actually attach themselves to the pebbles. These plants love our system because the LECA pebbles wick moisture and nutrients up to the roots gently and evenly - which is impossible growing in soil.

Repotting African Violets in Hydroponics