Plant Care - Watering

Over watering is the # 1 killer of indoor plants.

Plants need water on their schedule - not yours. Correct watering can be tricky. Even expert gardeners have trouble getting it right!

There's no more guessing about watering with our hydroponic system! A water gauge tells you when and how much to water. The roots get exactly what they need - an even mix of water and air. This could be the biggest advance in growing indoor plants in years!

Proper Watering Begins with the Growing Medium

Typical potting mix

Do you know what your plants are growing in? 

Commercial nurseries use a wide range of materials to grow their plants. Peat moss, bark chips, coconut husks and styrofoam are just a few. How does it all work together? What holds moisture and what doesn't?

With soil plants it's impossibe to know what goes on inside the pot. It's no wonder watering is a mystery!

Our System changes everything! No more guessing about when to water!

Our hydroponic system replaces all those mysterious potting materials with unique clay pebbles called LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate). LECA pebbles have "capillary properties" that actually wicks the nutrient solution up to the plant. They're clean, easy to use, and will never breakdown or deteriorate. LECA pebbles outperform soil in every way.

After growing with LECA, you'll never want soil in your house again!

The Water Gauge 

The patented water gauge in our system tells you when to water and how much. What could be easier?

Watering is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

1. Pour water (with nutrients) into system. Water passes through the pebbles to the bottom of the pot. Water gauge tells you how much.

2. Wait until gauge reads empty before rewatering. During this time the LECA pebbles wick the nutrient solution up to the plant. 

3. After system is dry (usually 2-3 weeks) rewater to "Opt" on gauge.

Note: These are basic watering guidelines. Actual watering varies with light, temperature and plant type. We provide exact watering instructions with all our plants.

Plant Care Basics

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