What is Hydroponics?

What is Hydroponics? Basically, it means growing without soil.

With hydroponics, the plant's roots absorb minerals from a nutrient solution rather than from soil. Common techniques for hydroponic growing are ebb and flow systems, nutrient film technique (NFT) and aeroponics. These methods require pumps, motors and electricity, making them unsuitable for growing plants in homes and offices.

We use a "passive hydroponic system" that is simple and easy to use. No pumps, motors, or electricity needed! We call it EasyGroHydro.

Hydroponic System

Replaces other media. Cleanier, easier to use.
Tells you when to water Eliminates overwatering.
Designed for maximum air flow at the roots.
Watertight Decorative Outer Pot holds nutrient solution for plant
Plants get everything they need for strong healthy growth. No fertilizer runoff or buildup.
Allergy Free People with allergies can grow plants for the first time! LECA pebbles are a sterile ceramic - no mold or bacteria.

This is the new, modern way to grow. Beginner or expert, your customers will have more success with EasyGroHydro! This could be the biggest advance in growing plants in years!

Create new energy in your tropical plant department today by adding our EasyGroHydro line of indoor plants today!

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Our easy to use Hydroponic System could be the biggest advance in plant care in years! Plants practically take care of themselves!