Plant Care - Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen is the common name for a large family of plants called Aglaonema. 

Because of their impressive appearance and rugged durability, Chinese Evergreens are among the most popular plants for interiors. And they're easy to grow in our hydroponic system! 

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreens are characterized by their spectacular multi-colored leaves. Splashes of white, silver, or yellow contrast with a dark green background, making them a real eye catcher. 

Chinese Evergreens deteriorate quickly if their roots are too wet. That's a big problem growing in soil because soggy, wet soil takes forever to dry out. When it finally does, the roots have probably already been damaged. 

Growing healthy, happy Chinese Evergreens is a breeze with our hydroponic system!  An even balance of moisture and air circulates through the openings in the culture pot and around the LECA pebbles. This combination of air and water builds strong, healthy roots.

Watering is easy because the water gauge tells you when to water (or, more importantly, when NOT to water). Too much water (the #1 killer of most plants) is never a problem.

Once a month watering is not out of the question with our hydroponc system! Great for people who travel.

Today's Chinese Evergreens have are very different from older versions. These new varieties (many of which you probably have never seen before) make excellent house plants in our hydroponic system. The plants are stronger and are very forgiving when it comes to plant care. They grow more compact, resist insects and disease, and tolerate cooler temperature. 

Aglaonema Marie
Aglaonema Silver Bay
Aglaonema Stripes
Aglaonema White Rain

Plant Care Growing in Hydroponics
Light: Chinese Evergreens prosper in medium to low light. Most varieties make excellent low light plants. Because proper watering is easy with our Hydroponic System (see below), they can be quite satisfied in low light.
If your plant grows long and spindly it's probably struggling for more light. Simply cut off the top growth and more energy will be transfered to the new growth at the base. This develops a fuller, more compact plant.
Always avoid direct sun with Chinese Evergreens.
Water: Careful - don't overwater! Low light plants always use less water.  Growing in soil is tricky because it's hard to know what's going on down inside the pot where the roots are. That's never a problem with Hydroponics!
It's imperative to allow for an extended dry period between waterings whne growing Chinese Evergreens.
Water to 1/4 - 1/2 on gauge. Wait for the system to dry out - then hold off another 7-10 days before rewatering. This gives the roots time to dry out completely. You can even wait until you see the plant droop a little before rewatering. Watering cycle will be once every 3-4 weeks!
Temperature: Although newer varieties tolerate cool temps, all Chinese Evergreens are happier when kept warm.
What to Watch for: Watch for Mealy bugs.