Can spider plants be repotted to your system?

by Sheila

I have been using your pots and LECA to successfully grow Pothos plants. I just inherited what I think is a spider plant. I do not like to grow indoor plants in soil. I’m wondering if I can convert the spider plant to your system successfully. Upon close inspection, this appears to be three plants inside of one pot it has been quite neglected. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Good to know NEW
by: Sheila

That is great news! Thank you for the reply. Do I use KLN or food when I first start watering or just plain water?

Growing Spider Plants with Hydroponics
by: Jeree

Hi Shelia,

Spider plants love our system!

And the good news is they have strong roots that transfer from soil without problems.

I suggest separating the plants and transplanting them in individual pots to get started. Then, when they start maturing you can combine them into a larger pot to get a full, robust plant.

Plant slightly deeper that with soil for stability. Water to 1/2 on gauge right from the start. They should use up the water in 2 weeks or less.

Also, looks like the plant is drooping from lack of light. After transplanting give the new plants good bright light - but avoid direct sun.

I say "go for it!". This will work.

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