ficus loosing leaves

by Harry
(New York City)

HELP! My ficus is loosing too many leaves!!

Ficus trees depend on a constant supply of moisture from the roots to live and grow. If that supply is interuppted in any way they complain and start shedding leaves.
Removing soil from the roots sometimes damages the roots and they can't absorb moisture to send up to the plant.
Encourage new root growth by:
1) supplying an even mix of water and air at the roots. Water to 1/2 on gauge. Dump out water after 1 week and let plant sit dry for several days before rewatering to 1/2 on gauge. Repeat for 3-4 weeks.
2) Keep the root zone warm
The good news is new leaves will grow back at the same spot the old leaves fell off.
Hope this helps.
The Hydroponics Guy

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