How much water to start with?

I just transplanted a calathea and I'm not sure how much water should be sitting in the pot for the very first time. Can you clarify?

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Watering New Transplants
by: The Hydroponics Guy

Good question!
One of the keys to successful transplanting is getting the right balance of air and water at the roots.
This might require some adjustments in the beginning.
I water to 1/4 on the gauge in the beginning (that's about 1" deep) and then wait for 10 days - 2 weeks. If there's still water in the bottom of the pot - I dump it out and force a dry period of 3-4 days with no water at the base.
Then I rewater - giving the plant less water.
After the plant adapts (usually 3-4 weeks) you won't need to be nearly as careful. Watering will be - 1/2 on gauge every 2-3 weeks.
Just make sure the system dries out between waterings so the roots get air.

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