How to Use KLN and Nutrients in Starter Set

by Tim R.
(Albany, NY)


I'm confused. Just received my Starter Set and it has KLN Rooting Solution and Nutrients for Houseplants. How do I use these?


Good question Tim.
"KLN Rooting Solution" is formulated to encourage root growth and "Nutrients for Houseplants" is formulated for growing new leaves and stems.
Job #1 after transplanting to hydroponics is encourging new root growth. So water with KLN solution the first 2-3 waterings (you can use the water from soaking the pebbles). Continue watering with KLN for 3-4 weeks.
Then switch to "Nutrients for Houseplants".

Remember, the health and well being of your plants is determined by water, light, and temperature - not KLN or nutrients.

Grower Tip: Use our "Nutrients for Houseplants" on all your plants - soil plants too!)

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