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Aralias are among the most interesting houseplants you can grow. Unfortunately, these unique looking specimens have dropped out of sight almost entirely.

That's because Aralias are hard to grow with traditional growing methods in soil.

The problem is watering.

Aralias have little tolerance when it comes to moisture at their roots and they're quick to complain if their roots are either too wet or too dry.

Aralias grow best when their roots are on the dry side and most plants end up being over-watered. Eventually, soggy roots are the demise of virtually all aralias grown in soil.

Growing Aralia's in Hydroponics

With hydroponics, LECA pebbles replace soil and are the perfect growing medium for these plants. The roots get an even flow of air and moisture, eliminating the too wet - too dry syndrome. 

Think "cactus" when growing these plants. That means lots of light (with some sun) and be stingy with the water. Just follow the water gauge and allow plenty of time for the system to dry out between waterings.

Anyone can grow Aralia's in our Hydroponic System!

Aralia Balfour
Aralia Ming
Aralia Parsley
Plant Care for Aralia's Growing in Hydroponics
Light: All Aralias are hungry for light, especially Ming Aralia. That means a bright window with some direct sun.
Water: Aralia roots insist on drying out completetly between waterings. Water to 1/4 - 1/2 on gauge. When gauge reads "Min", use water gauge as a handle and lift inner pot (and plant) and check bottom to make sure it is dry. Then wait another 2-3 days before rewatering.
Or, simply wait a week or so after water gauge reads empty before rewatering.
Temperature: Aralias prefer warm temperatures. They also require adequate humidity. So, if the air in your house is dry in the winter, growing these plants might be a challenge.
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