Plant Care - Areca Palm

Few plants symbolize the tropics the way palms do. The most common palm for indoor growing is the Areca Palm. 

Areca Palm

Palms are popular because they're easy to grow and mature quickly ...... 

if you have tropical conditions!

The problem is - few people have tropical growing conditions at home and keeping them healthy is becomes difficult. 

Why? Areca Palms are very fussy about how much water they get. Their roots demand even moisture - not too wet - not too dry. Too much water and they complain and turn yellow. Not enough water - same thing. Keeping them happy (or even alive!) is almost impossible in soil. Expert growers even have trouble getting it right!

Growing healthy, robust Areca Palms in hydroponics is easy! They're stronger and more durable because correct watering is effortless. A water gauge tells you whne and how much to water. Simply fill the system with nutrient solution - then stand back and let hydroponics do all the work. The roots will get an even flow of air and moisture - exactly what they're looking for. Never too wet and never too dry. 

Light: Medium to bright light is best. Stay away from direct, hot sun however. Not a good low light palm either.
Water: Water to 1/2 on gauge. When gauge reads empty or "Min" rewater.
Temperature: Areca Palm's tolerate a wide range of temperatures. Plants use moving air to keep cool, so 90 degrees is fine during summer if there's a breeze. Areca's can also go as low as 50 degrees with no problems in winter. Cool temps in winter hold humidity better and also discourage insects.
Avoid hot air drafts from furnace during winter months. 
What to Watch for: Areca palms are suseptable to insects, especially Spider Mites and Mealy Bugs. We experience fewer insect problems with hydroponics because plants experience less stress from the too wet - too dry cycle. Stronger plants have a natural resistance to insects. 

Prevent unwanted pests by giving your plants a warm bath every couple of months.

Like all palms, these plants insist on adequate humidity. Keep temperatures cool during winter months (you'll be uncomfortable long before your plants will).

Brown tips at the end of fronds (leaves) are normal. Just trim with scissors.