Plant Care - Corn Plant

"Corn Plant" describes wide range of plants. In that group, Dracaena "Janet Craig" is probably the most popular. 

Large, dark green leaves make this an attractive plant in any setting. A favorite in homes and offices because they're reliable growers with minimal care.

In our Hydroponic system, Drac. "Janet Craig" is just about the easiest indoor plant to grow because they don't ask for much. They flourish in low light and don't want a lot of attention. They actually thrive on neglect! 

Dracaena Janet Craig

The biggest problem caring for these plants is over doing it. Growing in soil, that usally means too much water. it's impossible to tell what's going on down inside the pot and overwatering is common (the #1 killer of indoor plants). Corn plants don't like wet feet and roots decay quickly in soggy, wet soil. 

Growing these plants is easy in our hydroponic system. There's never a problem with root rot or decay when growing in LECA pebbles. Air moves easily through the culture pot and around the roots, creating a strong root system. Strong roots mean healthy plants. The water gauge tells you when to water (or, more importantly, when NOT TO WATER). Most Janet Craigs require watering only once a month growing in hydroponics! 

Great for people who travel!

Dracaena Janet Craig (Corn plants) come in several different shapes.

Drac. Janet Craig cane
Drac. Janet Craig table top size
Drac. Janet Craig floor plant


Plant Care Growing with Hydroponics
Light: Corn Plants are one of the best low light plants for interiors. That means avoid direct sun.
Low light plants always grow better in Hydroponics because of improved air circulation at the roots.
Water: Corn plants grow in minimal light, so they require less water. Those big, wide leaves and thick stems actually hold water for the plant.
Just like other low light plants, it's imperative to allow for a dry period between waterings. Water to 1/2 on gauge. When the water gauge to read "Min"  wait another 10-14 days before rewatering. Most corn plants need water only once every 3-4 weeks.
Temperature: Keep them warm - never go below 55 degrees. Leaves that turn black are sure signs of cold damage.
What to Watch for: Although these plants resist most insects, be on the watch for Mealy bugs.
If lower leaves turn yellow faster than new growth appears, you're probably too generous with the water. Allow for more time between waterings.