Plant Care - Dracaena Lemon Lime "Surprise"

Dracaena is a large family of plants that are very popular as indoor plants because they easily adapt to most home or office environments. Grow them in our hydroponic system and they're almost indestructable!  

Dracaena Lemon Lime boasts brightly colored yellow and green stripped leaves. Dracaena Lemon Lime "Surprise" goes one step further by introducing a gentle arch or curve into the shape of the leaves.

Dracaena's thrive in medium to low light and this plant is no exception. This special type of Dracaena is a slow grower that keeps its shape without anyone's help. 

Low light plants deteriorate quickly if their roots are too wet. That's a big problem growing in soil. Soggy, wet soil takes forever to dry out; and when it finally does, the roots have probably already been damaged. 

Growing low light plants is a breeze with our hydroponic system!  An even balance of moisture and air circulates through the openings in the culture pot and around the LECA pebbles. This combination of air and water builds strong, healthy roots.

Watering is easy because the water gauge tells you when to water (or, more importantly, when NOT to water). Too much water (the #1 killer of most plants) is never a problem.

Once a month watering is not out of the question with this plant! Great for people who travel.

Plant Care Growing in Hydroponics
Light: Dracaena's are excellent plants in low light   ..... with accurate watering. Dracaena Lemon Lime Surprise prospers in medium to low light. (If your plant grows long and spindly it's probably struggling for more light.)
Avoid direct, hot sun with any low light plant however.
Water: Careful - don't overwater! Low light plants use less water. This is the tricky part when growing in soil because it's impossible to know what's going on down inside the pot where the roots are. That's never a problem with Hydroponics! The water gauge tells you exactly how much water is in the system.
Water to 1/4 - 1/2 on gauge. Wait for the system to dry out - then hold off another 7-10 days before rewatering. It's important to allow for a dry period between waterings. This gives the roots time to dry out completely.  Watering cycle will be once every 3-4 weeks!
Temperature: All Dracaena's prefer warm temperatures. They're happy with temperatures found in most homes or offices. Either hot or cold, you will become uncomfortable before your plant will.
What to Watch for: Watch for Mealy bugs.