Plant Care - Hawiian Schefflera

Hawiian Schefflera (or Miniature Schefflera) proudly displays small leaflets that branch out from a central stem. There are two varietes; all green and variegated. Variegated plants have a splash of yellow or creamy white in the center of the leaf. Both are characterized by their thick, shiny leaflets.

Plant Care Growing with Hydroponics
Light: Hawiian Sceffleras reqiure high light with some sun. This is especially true for the variegated varieties. Without sun the coloring on the leaves will turn back to all green.
Water: Even though these plants grow in high light they can be over watered. Their roots demand a dry period between waterings.
Water to 1/2 on gauge. When the water gauge to read "Min"  wait another 5-7 days before rewatering. Watering schedule willl vary depending how much sun your plant gets.
Temperature: Just like any other plant that sits near a window, Hawiian Scheffleras can tolerate a wide range of temperatures. They're comforatble anywhere from 45 degrees to 95 degrees. (Adjust for less water at cool temps and more water at higher temps.)
What to Watch for: Although these plants resist most insects, be on the watch for Mealy bugs.
If lower leaves turn yellow faster than new growth appears, you're probably too generous with the water. Allow for more time between waterings.