Plant Care - Pepperomia

Pepperomias are a large group of plants (over 1000 varieties) of which many are popular as indoor plants. As you can imagine, their colors and leaf shapes vary widely.

Peperomias don't have many roots which can present a challenge when growing in soil because it's so easy to over water them. Too much water and they turn to mush.

For plants that don't like wet feet, too much water present two problems. 
1) Bacteria grows quickly in wet, soggy soil, attacking the roots from all sides.
2) Air can't move thru wet soil, and the roots suffocate. (Air is just as important as water for healthy roots.)

Overwatering is never a problem with our Hydroponic System because the water gauge tells you when to water - or, in this case, when not to water. The LECA pebbles in our system are ceramic so they will never rot or decay. Air moves easily around the plant's roots.

Just have the patience to allow enough time for the system to dry out completely between waterings.

Plant Care Growing with Hydroponics
Light: These plants enjoy lots of light, even some direct sun. More light encourages better coloring on the leaves.
If plant grows spindly, there's not enough light.
Water: Careful! Don't overwater these plants! Peperomias don't have a lot of roots so they don't need a lot of water. Wide leaves and thick stems actually store water for this plant. It's imperative to allow for a dry period between waterings. Water to 1/2 on gauge. When the water gauge to reads "Min"  wait another week before rewatering. Most Peperomias need water only once every 3-4 weeks.

Temperature: Keep them warm - never go below 55 degrees. Leaves that turn black are sure signs of cold damage.
What to Watch for: