Plant Care
- Golden Pothos  - Jade Pothos
- Pothos Marble Queen

Pothos is probably the most versitle and hardest working indoor plant you will find. 

Pothos is hard working because it's a low maintenance vine that will grow in almost any light level. Unlike many plants that produce leggy growth in low light, this plant really doesn't require much light for robust growth. Higher light brings out stonger variegated colors however.

It's the versitle because you can grow as a handsome Table Top Plant, train it to grow upright, or groom it to cascade down over a hanging planter.

On top of that, it's a durable plant that tolerates neglect.

This plant is available in three different versions; 1.) Golden Pothos, 2.) Pothos Marble Queen, and 3.) Jade Pothos

Pothos Golden
Pothos Marble Queen
Pothos Jade
Pothos Neon
Plant Care Growing with Hydroponics - Pothos
or Devils Ivy
Light: Golden Pothos does well in almost any light level. You'll always get stronger growth in higher light however.
Pothos Marble Queen requires medium light, even a little sun if possible. It's not a good low light plant.
Jade Pothos is one of the best all around low light plants. If there's enough (natural) light to read a book, there's enough light to grow Jade Pothos. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves.
Water: Allow enough time for the system to dry out completely before rewatering. Water to 1/2 on gauge. When water gauge reads "Min", wait 5-7 days before rewatering. You can even wait until plant droops a little before rewatering.
As with any plant, Golden Pothos survives low light better with less water. Water to only 1/4 on gauge. Be sure to allow for a dry period before rewatering.
Temperature: Keep them warm - never go below 55 degrees.
What to Watch for: Although these plants resist most insects, be on the watch for Mealy bugs.