Plant Care - Rubber Tree

We've updated an old classic. Rubber Trees (Ficus Decora) have a new look! Big, multi-colored leaves have replaced those old, ordinary green ones. Or maybe you prefer a deep, rich, burgundy color.

These plants definitely make a statement. Combine this new look with our Hydroponic technology and you have a totaly new plant!

Rubber trees are fast growers, maturing into a handsome tree in several years. Don't want a tree? You can easily keep it shorter by simply cutting back the new growth. This encourages the plant to branch out instead of growing taller.

Plant Care Growing with Hydroponics
Light: As a member of the Ficus Family, the Rubber Tree demands a lot of light. More light grows bigger leaves with lots of color. If your plant is getting leggy with poor color, it needs more light.
Water: Most Ficus require lots of water - not this one however. Rubber Trees insist on a dry period between waterings.
Water to 1/2 on gauge. When the water gauge to read "Min"  wait another couple of days before rewatering. Watering frequency depends on the light level your plant is getting.
What to Watch for: These plants resist most insects.
If lower leaves turn yellow faster than new growth appears, you're probably too generous with the water. Allow for more time between waterings.