There is no "one best" method for propagating plants. The two methods we prefer are 1) rockwool cubes or 2) net pots and small size LECA pebbles.

pothos cutting growing in rockwool

Hoya cuttings growing in 2" net pot with small size LECA pebbles.

Basics for Successful Propagating

1. Don't be greedy. Small size cuttings root better because they demand less energy to grow.

2. Warm temperatures at the root zone. Roots won't grow at temperartures below 68 degrees (and bad things happen when roots aren't growing).  

3. New roots need oxygen as much as they need moisture to grow.

Tools You'll Need for Propagating

1. Heat Mat

2. Plastic Saucers or Grower Tray

3. Rockwool Cubes or Net Pots/Pot holders

5. Humidity Tent

1. Heat Mats

Heat Mats provide warmth new cutting need to grow roots.

2. Plastic Saucers and Grower Trays

3. Net Pots and Rockwool Cubes

Growing cuttings in net pots with small size LECA

Rockwool cubes

4. Dome for Grower Tray or Humidity Tent

New cuttings need extra humidity while new roots are developing. Adding a dome to Grower Trays or building a Humidity Tent will capture the humidity thet need.

Adding a dome to Humidity Trays.

(humidity Tent