transplanting Peace Lily

by janet sperry
(merriam, KS)

If my Peace Lily is taller, not just a new sprout, should I use the taller planter to help hold the long stems and larger leaves in place? No matter what the pot size, should the water and pebbles only cover the roots and none of the plant? Thanks

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Transferring Peace Lilies to Hydroponics
by: The Hydroponics Guy

Good question!

I like our tall pots for peace lilies.

Measure the diameter of the pot it's in now and transfer to

a tall hydro pot same size or slightly smaller.

Plant slightly deeper than soil for stability.

The base of the plant can be buried in pebbles.

Peace lilies do not need a dry out between waterings

so when the gauge reads "Min" go ahead and water to 1/2 on gauge,

You might want to add a little hydrogen peroxide to the water

(1 part peroxide to 10 parts water) to prevent root decay.

They are susceptible "fusarium rot" which can attack the roots.

Use peroxide solution for the first 2 weeks.

Good Growing!

The Hydroponics Guy

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