Getting Your Poinsettia to Rebloom

One of the most common questions about poinsettia care after Christmas is, “How can I get my plant to bloom again next year?”.

While it can be be done, it's a very tedious and time consuming process. And the results are NOT worth the effort. 

Even if you follow all the rules, this is what you'll get.

Fresh, new plant is on left - last years plant is on right.

Futhermore, poinsettias are magnets for insects and that's bad news for your other plants.

Typical poinsettia plant growing in an office after the holidays.
Look closley - curling leaf edges indicate spider mites. Mites are highly contagious and will travel to other plants.

My advice?

Don't even think about saving your poinsettias for next year. When the holidays are over, it's time for them to go to "plant heaven".

There are a lot of other plants that are easier and more rewarding to regrow. Think amaryllis, christmas cactus, or how about orchids? 

Never poinsettias.

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